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Back-end Developer

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Back-end Developer

IRIS Educational Media (irisEd) is a growing educational media company whose mission is to provide engaging, interactive educational resources that inspire confidence and make a positive difference in people’s lives. 

We are looking for a creative, experienced, and organized back-end developer to build, test and maintain our core codebase. This position would lead technical development on features to improve performance and delivery of programs on irisEd’s LMS and build mobile applications for research purposes and commercial sale. 

Principal Objectives of the Position:

The Back-end Developer works with all departments to consult, create, improve, or modify software for use throughout the company. The position is a member of the company's Web-Mobile Applications team and will work within the timelines determined by the Web-Mobile Applications Manager. This position will assist research study efforts, as well as product development, content delivery, and marketing as outlined by the departmental project manager.

Skill Requirements:

Proficiency in:

  • Node.js
  • Sails.js
  • Express
  • Unit testing

Bonus Points:

  • PHP
  • Objective C or Swift

Other Requirements:

  • Experience with cloud based services such as AWS, Rackspace, DigitalOcean.
  • Must be a team player, effective communicator, and stay up to date on project progress.
  • Keeps code base and documentation well organized and up to date.
  • Work with team members on QA, testing, and debugging.

Attendance requirements: Position is full time 30-40 hours per week dependent on need, project funding, and performance. 

Job Duties:

  • Assist in determination of scope of work and recommended approach to projects.
  • Consult on technical solutions to study delivery for proposals.
  • Utilize development frameworks and technologies in the designated stack in working and architecting existing and new Web-Mobile Applications
  • Solid understanding of Android and iOS development.
  • Must work on all phases of the development life cycle including analysis, design, development, integration and testing, deployment, and support.
  • Regularly communicate with and present deliverables to department managers.

Experience: Minimum 2 years programming experience required. 

Compensation: Compensation is dependent on qualifications and experience. Equal Opportunity Employer.

Location: Position is in-house at 258 E 10th Ave, Eugene, Oregon.

Application Process: 

Please apply by priority date, May 31, 2016.

Please email your resume, cover letter, three references, and a link to your preferred code repository to:

Include in Subject Line: Back-end Developer Job Posting

More information about the company can be found at