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Supervise Common Areas

 Get geared up for your new school year by learning how to:

  • Manage your classroom effectively
  • Defuse anger and aggression in students
  • Supervise common areas at all grade levels
  • Prevent suicide in troubled teens
  • Manage threats and non-compliance
  • Reduce overall behavior problems in the classroom

Our professional development library contains 12 online courses to help you create a safe and productive school environment.  Developed by education experts from all over the world and produced professionally by IRIS Educational Media.

Why choose IRIS Educational Media as your professional development resource? We create high quality, video-based learning systems that are easily accessed through an online subscription.  Our materials and studies are backed by the Department of Education and National Institutes of Health. Our programs are especially great for new teachers nervous about how to handle behavior issues.

But most importantly, our programs are fun, engaging and schools LOVE them!

IRIS Ed does the best videos, and the focus on self-regulation improves self-esteem.”
- Jim Wood, school psychologist

Excellent! As a trainer, I am already planning how/when I can use it, and what engagement activities I can devise to accompany viewing. Thanks for all your good work; it helps me do my job better!”
- Heather Robbins, Behavior Coach

“Video clips were very authentic and provided a concise illustration of each type of behavior as well as effective and ineffective teacher responses.”
- Evaluation Study Participant