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Digital Site License FAQ

Digital License: Many organizations would like to keep digital versions of training materials and videos on their server so the content can be made available to sites, classrooms, and people with authorized access. For this reason, we offer a digital license that allows you to host a digital copy of the media and distribute it to authorized users, with limitations, for a certain period of time. When the license expires, you must renew the license or delete the digital file.

Digital Site License: A digital site license (DSL) provides a digital license for a single site. A single site is defined as a school, institution, or organizational unit, housed in a physical location. A learner must be affiliated with a site license to access the media.

Multi-site Digital License: Large organizations, consortiums, education service districts, etc. with multiple physical sites can contact us to receive discount pricing.

The discount pricing model for multiple sites and media:

Number of Sites

Discount %











Multi-program licenses:
Organizations that would like to license more than one complete media program can receive discount pricing. 

Number of Programs

Discount %











License Duration:
  A 3-year license is a minimum, and a 5-Year license (10% discount) is the maximum.

DSL Cost: A single program will have a yearly cost, and each DSL is paid upfront based on the years in the license duration and the number of sites. For example, a media program with a yearly site license cost of $40 would be $120 for a 3-year and $180 for a 5-year.

Renewal Discount:  A site license can be renewed with a 20% discount over the original purchase price and duration. 

Previous Purchase of Media Discount: If you already own the DVD, we can provide you with a 25% discount for each site that owns the DVD. 

DSL Media Edit Permissions:  Media may not be altered or edited. Alteration includes changing content or inserting other media into the existing media files. If you require custom content, please let us know, we can work with you.

Media Content:  When you purchase a digital license, we will send you the media on a flash drive, so you have the highest possible quality available to ingest into your server.

Authorized Access:  All licensed content must be password protected to ensure only authorized individuals can access the content. Many institutions use a learning management system (LMS) such as Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Litmos, etc. to manage access.

DSL ordering process: Complete the licensing request form. After receiving your information, we will provide you with a quote. After we receive your order, we will send you a license agreement and invoice. After paying the invoice we will send you the media and corresponding guides, printables, and ancillary materials on a USB or via a download link depending on your needs.