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SOARS: Student ownership, accountability and responsibility for school safety

The SOARS project funded by the U.S. Department of Justice has been awarded to IRIS Educational Media to find practical and common approaches to increase the safety of schools.

The project includes a high degree of student involvement, use of technology and blends school-wide climate improvement with restorative discipline. The comprehensive framework is designed to increase students’ resilience to factors that can lead to school violence, such as mental illness, access to weapons, bullying, harassment and social isolation.

Claudia Vincent, Ph.D., Hill Walker, Ph.D., Dorothy Espelage, Ph.D. and Brion Marquez are leading the project’s interdisciplinary team of researchers, stakeholders and technology specialists. Collaborative partnerships include the University of Illinois, the University of Oregon, Springfield Public Schools in Oregon, Danville School District in Illinois, and Urbana School District in Illinois

SOARS is a research grant funded by U.S. Department of Justice’s National Institute of Justice, grant award #2015-MU-MU-K003

Interested in becoming involved?

Email: Rita Svanks

Call toll free:  1 (877) 343-4747 Ext. #226