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7 Secretos Escolares: Latino Study Skills Program

7 Secretos Escolares: Latino Study Skills Program

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Every school serving a growing Latino population will benefit from this study skills program that shows parents and students how to increase school success.  

Designed to make school success a family endeavor, this research-based educational kit will improve student organizational skills and teach parents how to set up study routines at home that will improve their children’s school success. 7 Secrets follows two Latino families as they set up a study-skills program for their children. Appealing characters, realistic scenarios, and a Latin music soundtrack will capture parent and student interest alike.

Parents will learn how to        
• Create a home environment that supports effective study routines
• Monitor homework and study time
• Encourage and motivate their children

Students will learn how to
• Exercise their brains with a daily study routine
• Organize their homework
• Develop good study habits
• Build self-esteem through school achievement

School staff will learn how to
• Encourage parent participation in a home-study program that provides parents with effective strategies for school success

In Spanish with English Subtitles. 22 minutes