Walk Your Way to Fitness

Walk, Workout, Be Active for People with Intellectual Disabilites


Walk Your Way to Fitness

"All the movements for each section are simple, accessible and repetitive.Highly Recommended!..." More
-Debra Ennen, Maple River Schools, Mapleton, MN. Reviewer for Education Video Online

This award-winning 3-disc course is perfect for teens and adults who have intellectual disabilities and want to start a walking and fitness program.  They learn how to avoid exercise barriers, encourage progress, make lifestyle changes, use pedometers and set & meet lifestyle goals.

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People who have intellectual disabilities, ages 16 and up. Support staff and learning partners.


  • IRIS Educational Media

    Program Developer

    Based in Eugene, Oregon, IRIS Educational Media is a behavioral research and development firm.

  • Dr. Sheehan has worked with people who have intellectual disabilities for over 30 years. He provides consultation and training in the areas of job placement, independent living, nutrition, fitness and ...

  • Dr. Jones is a researcher and practitioner focusing on developing and evaluating effective intervention programs for families and schools. Her research examines ways to decrease stress and increase ...


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Product Description


Exceptional Parent Magazine grants Walk Your Way to Fitness their Symbol of Excellence. Educational Video "Highly Recommends!" excercise program. Read reviews.

Disc 1. Join a diverse group of beginning walkers as they learn to become fit and active.
Nine short video lessons:
• Getting Started
• Good Step Counter Habits
• Exercise Barriers & Benefits
• Brainstorming Ways to Be Active
• Being Active & Setting Goals
• Encouraging Progress & Meeting Goals
• Getting Around Barriers & Staying Positive
• Attitude Traps & Self Talk
• Making Lasting Changes

Disc 2.  Nine beginner and intermediate workout routines for walking, strength, flexibility, and dancing.  (This disc is also sold separately for people who want just the workouts. (See Work Out with Sonny & Pedro.)


  • 3 Walk Workouts  -  Easy-to-follow moves and low-impact cardio sections
  • 3 Strength & Flexibility Workouts  - Yoga standing and floor workouts
  • 3 Dance Workouts  - Basic moves you can take to the dance floor

Disc 3.  CD-ROM with 80 printable activity pages. Includes information for support staff and parents about providing support and encouragement. .Each colorful page provides fun activities that follow the lessons and workouts. Open the PDF files, print the pages, and assemble your own personalized activity book.  
Total video runtime:  4 ½ hours



Subtitles for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

User Testimonials

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"All the movements for each section are simple, accessible and repetitive.Highly Recommended! The CD-ROM contains 80 full color printable worksheets to enhance the lessons. The sets of 9 lessons are perfect for using in a school setting with typically 9 week quarters. This set holds lots of promise for both adaptive physical education instructors and classroom teachers of students with intellectual disabilities."

-Debra Ennen, Maple River Schools, Mapleton, MN reviewer for Education Video Online
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 "An encouraging fitness trainer provides clear verbal instructions
while demonstrating moves to a class of disabled adults."

-Exceptional Parent Magazine