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Learning Disabilities and Challenging Behavior

Learning Disabilities and Challenging Behavior

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Why do children in grades K-12 struggle, and how can teachers help students develop the competence and confidence they need to succeed? This book had all the answers in 2001 and now the fully revised new edition shows teachers how to support children with learning disabilities and behavioral challenges in today's era of high-stakes testing and accountability. They'll have an innovative framework to help them understand the reasons why students in K-12 struggle.

Even more comprehensive and user-friendly than the popular previous edition, this text follows the same basic format: a detailed questionnaire pinpoints student strengths and needs, and the Building Blocks model targets 10 factors and abilities related to school success and gives teachers practical strategies for helping students succeed. With timely new material infused throughout the whole book, educators will:

  • Keep up with the very latest knowledge on learning disabilities. Every chapter has been revised to reflect the tremendous amount of new research.
  • Address a broader age range with more on the early childhood and elementary years
  • Increase their understanding of how to help students with behavior challenges. An expanded chapter on behavior includes more on preventive approaches to discipline so teachers can address problems before they become severe.
  • Help students with emotional difficulties. Examining emotions as separate from behavior, the authors give readers updated research on a wider range of emotional disorders and difficulties and more information on how to intervene.
  • Teach more effectively in today's diverse classrooms with new information on English language learners and students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds

The reliable, up-to-date research makes this an essential textbook for any course focused on learning disabilities and behavior problems, and the practical advice and guidelines will be a lifeline to in-service teachers year after year. Sure to be a bestseller, this new edition will help educators effectively address variations in children's environments, abilities, needs, and learning styles and ensure better outcomes for students who struggle.