Two Families Now: Effective Parenting During Separation and Divorce

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Two Families Now
is available as an online course for individuals. Take the online course now or find more information on how it can help your clients here.

Two Families Now is an evidence-based parent education curriculum that improves co-parenting relationships and protects children during divorce. This comprehensive curriculum is designed to be used by parent educators, mediators, family counselors and social service providers to teach in person classes. It is the only evidence and research based online course proven to have a positive effect in randomized control trials. The engaging media and tools help teach parents skills to nurture themselves and build strong relationships with their children and co-parents. 


Why is this curriculum the best option for parent educators?

  • Uses up to date production quality and research.
  • Engaging Right Way/Wrong Way video scenarios with a diverse cast.
  • Strong focus on parental stress and effective communication.
  • Complete curriculum with flexibility to add content.

Parent Benefits

  • Resilience resource--strengthen & sustain family processes
  • Entertaining and engaging format
  • Increases knowledge of factors that affect their children
  • Helps reduce stress & build social support

The Curriculum Guide includes:

Introduction and 5 lessons, each designed as 1-hour instruction time

Introduction (for facilitator only)
Unit 1. Help Children Adjust
Unit 2. Reduce Co-Parenting Conflict - Open Sample
Unit 3. Co-Parenting Styles
            Creating a Parenting Plan
            Benefits of Mediation
Unit 4. Use Parenting Skills that Buffer Children from Risk
Unit 5. Handle Stress Effectively
            Build a Support Network

DVD kit includes: 20 videos licensed for classroom use, adaptable Powerpoint presentation and bonus audio exercises. (Curriculum guide will be provided as a digital download upon purchase.)

USB kit includes: 20 videos licensed for classroom use, 6 unit curriculum guide with instructions and activities, adaptable Powerpoint presentation and bonus audio exercises.