Positive Behavior Intervention Supports

What is Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS)?

PBIS is a system or set of standards that assists caretakers, teachers, counselors and administrators through behavioral interventions. The standards have been studied extensively by top behavioral researchers in the field of education.

There is no one-way to implement PBIS in schools, rather the organizations that support PBIS use a variety of curriculum and training based on the PBIS framework.  Several companies, organizations and individuals produce products and services to assist schools with implementing school-wide positive behavior intervention practices.

PBIS focuses on preventing violent or non-compliant behavior by spreading well researched results and practices, improving and documenting those practices, and maximizing good behavior in school environments. 

PBIS uses a three tiered strategy for approaching behavior problems, beginning with school-wide measures that create a positive and safe environment for students.  Since 80-85% of students do not have behavioral problems, these are basic preventative measures to maintain good academic performance. Secondary interventions are often targeted for small groups of students that just need a little extra boost in order to avoid being at risk of academic failure.  The third tier is reserved for students with persistent behavior issues.

For information about finding the PBIS coordinator or local gatherings, see PBIS.org.

Some of the products we offer that use PBIS standards are listed below:


We Have Skills

We Have Skills is a K-3 curriculum designed to help students learn seven social skills such as listening, following directions and asking for help.  Featuring fun animal friends and sing-a-long songs, kids will love working on their social skills in the classroom.

We Have Choices

We Have Choices is a self-management curriculum for students in grades 4-6 that builds on the lessons on We Have Skills. Students are encouraged to track their own abilities and take note when they need to improve their mood or behavior. Includes personal self-management trackers for individual use.

Defusing Anger and Aggression

Behavior specialist Dr. Geoff Colvin consulted on our flagship product, Defusing Anger and Aggression.  This program helps teachers and staff deal with students who are defiant, provocative or off task.