We Have Choices: Self-Management for School Success Grades 4-6 - FREE

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Fourth-grade teachers can participate in a paid program evaluation of this 9-week self-management skills curriculum.

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Everything you need to teach your class self-management.

Everybody benefits when a student’s behavior improves. We Have Choices is an evidence-based, 9-week self-management skills curriculum for grades 4 through 6, including:

1. Video series for students on the fascinating brain science behind self-management

2. Trackers and posters for students to practice self-management

3. Easy-to-use teacher’s guide and lesson plans 

Current research shows that impulse control and self-management skills have the greatest impact on academic outcomes. Like any skill, self-management can be taught. Supported by funding from the US Department of Education, this PBIS curriculum helps students develop a daily self-management routine that includes

Self-monitoring: teaches students how to be aware and teach themselves good behavior.
Self-recording: learning skills to record their behavior.
Self-evaluation: behavior evaluation based on pre-established criteria.
Self-reinforcement: learning how to reward themselves for achievement.

We Have Choices comes with a Teacher’s Guide/Lesson Plans book, a USB containing the video episodes, 30 My Daily Tracker student booklets and 8 colorful classroom posters. Students learn to apply self-management strategies to these critical classroom skills:

Pay AttentionFocus on the TaskAsk For HelpDo Your Best WorkGet AlongParticipate in ClassManage FeelingsFollow Class Expectations

Weekly video lessons using the entertaining game show setting makes the instruction engaging for students. My Daily Tracker student booklets support self-management routines that are easily incorporated into regular classroom activities. Teaching self-management to students has big payoffs. Self-managers are ready to learn what educators have to teach.

Training materials include: Video series, 52 page teacher’s guide, 30 daily tracker student booklets, and 8 colorful posters.

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