Managing Non-Compliance: Effective Strategies for K-12 Teachers

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A practical, results-oriented video and learning kit designed to help teachers minimize the common problem behaviors that disrupt the teaching-learning process. Teachers will learn proven techniques using the PBIS framework. They will learn how to effectively handle the most common and troublesome non-compliant behaviors.

With realistic vignettes, in-depth analysis by Dr. Geoff Colvin, and well-timed review and summary, teachers learn a 3-part strategy to correct non-compliance and enlist cooperation:

1. Present a choice to fulfill the request or face small negative consequence
2. Allow a little time for student to process the choice
3. Follow through, based on student’s decision

Right and wrong way realistic vignettes demonstrate how to effectively handle these troublesome behaviors:

  • Defiance
  • Resistance to directions
  • Not minding
  • Insubordination
  • Oppositional behavior

Staff working with students at all levels from K-12 can use these strategies to reduce non-compliance and increase cooperation in the classroom and common areas. This program is appropriate for school administrators, regular and special education teachers, and support staff.

Dr. Geoff Colvin draws on his experience as a teacher and school administrator in general and special education. Dr. Colvin has provided in-service training for over 100 school districts and agencies in the United States, and is the author of over 60 publications on teaching and managing students with problem behaviors.

Training materials include: 12-page viewer’s guide, printable resources, and 20 minutes of video instruction and scenarios.