Systematic Supervision Elementary: Creating A Safe and Positive Playground

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Administrators! Train school staff to be effective supervisors. Systematic Supervision Elementary edition is a professional development program that gives administrators a curriculum for playground and hallway supervisors in kindergarten through fifth grade schools. The techniques demonstrated in this video based instruction USB are proven to be effective and empowering to staff. Help your school staff maintain a safe and positive playground and hallway environment.

All of our Systematic Supervision programs have shown to be effective in improving common area behavior and can be used easily throughout the school year for new supervisors or refresher training. In these instructional videos, staff will learn how to:

  • Develop playground scanning methods that incorporate movement and proximity strategies.
  • Establish and maintain a positive environment and relationship with students.
  • Focus on positive appropriate behaviors
  • Respond to problem behavior and take action
  • Work with other supervisors to coordinate plans and support appropriate student behavior

Training materials include: video instruction USB, viewer's guide booklet, and a list of additional resources.