The FAST Method

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Teachers learn to analyze problem student behavior in real time and how to adopt a “FAST Method” for preventing that behavior from escalating.

By combining the principles of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports with a Functional Behavioral Assessment, teachers learn to respond to misbehavior appropriately and to set the stage for building positive relationships with students. The FAST Method features four vignettes that first show how a teacher’s response can escalate student misbehavior, and then show how a “FAST” response can de-escalate the same behavior. Six extra practice vignettes give teachers the chance to apply the FAST Method in responding to typical challenging behaviors in the classroom. 

Realistic classroom vignettes help teachers and staff learn:
• 3 main goals of student behavior
• How understanding goals prevents escalation
• How to make effective on-the-spot assessments
• How to respond appropriately, rather than react emotionally
• How to build positive relationships with challenging students

Training materials include: 25 minute training program with 6 practice scenarios and a 24 page viewer’s guide.

Printable resources can be found here.